Our Business Model: Triple Impact - Parafina

Our Business Model: Triple Impact

Care for the Planet, Social Commitment and Sustainable Growth are the three fundamental pillars that drive Parafina's activity as a brand. Not only do we want to be profitable, but we want to be profitable by being 100% faithful to our philosophy. We are committed to Triple Impact, the model of companies that want to be the best, not in the world, but for the world.

In this post we will talk about the business model of Parafina, a native Spanish ecological brand, in which sustainability supports the economic model and establishes the company's objectives and practices , as well as its policies.

Parafina’s goal is not only to be a reference in our sector, sunglasses, reading glasses and screens, but also to participate in the sustainable development of the planet, through environmental practices that contribute to the mitigation of climate change and actions in certain communities.

A company can be a key piece to create a positive impact on the planet and according to this premise, it has an impact in 3 main areas: economic, ecological and social. Thus, we have managed to create a business model that respects our planet and people, building our project on these 3 areas. This is what is known as Triple Impact.

In the environmental field, Parafina seeks to generate a positive impact for nature, using only recycled and sustainable materials. We apply the circular economy to our production processes, giving a second life to waste that would otherwise be buried or burned in landfills. This is our way of telling the world that the footprint we want to leave on the world is a positive one:


Most of the products we consume generate waste that ends up in the oceans. Most of this waste originates in cities. The amount is constantly increasing. By the end of 2019, 80 million tons of waste had been dumped into our waters.


Our main objective is to use these landfilled wastes before they reach the ocean, thus fighting pollution at the source.


We transform this waste to make our glasses. Approximately, we use 3 PET plastic bottles to make a pair of glasses.

At a social level, we seek to generate a positive impact on the community. We have our Parafina Social Project.


We donate 5% of the income from eyewear sales to the creation of scholarships to guarantee quality education for underprivileged children in the outskirts of Asunciรณn (Paraguay).


At school, PARAFINA-sponsored children study all primary school subjects. Along with the scholarship, the children also enter a safe environment, receive psychological support, a hot meal a day and have access to school supplies.

We want their childhood to develop normally, playing and being what they are, children. This year we have also started to offer university scholarships.


Our #ParafinaSocialProject scholarships will help them grow both socially and intellectually to become active members of their community.

At Parafina, we balance environmental and social benefit. We seek profitability, but not at all costs, and that is why our economic objectives are always established based on the two previous pillars. We know that committing to 100% sustainable growth is a difficult task, but we strive every day to raise awareness, both among ourselves and our community, that it is necessary to make a change. Thanks to this effort, in 2019 we obtained B CORP certification. We still have a lot to learn, but little by little, we are implementing actions aimed at sustainability and social commitment.

In conclusion, Parafina has incorporated an environmental commitment at the corporate level and we want to educate present and future societies in this aspect. This is our mission.