Care Of Your PARAFINA - Parafina Eyewear


Discover how to take care of your sun, reading and screen glasses in the right way to keep they perfectly as long as possible.

The day starts and you put them on and when you go to bed you will let them rest. You rub your eyes and take them off, then put them back on. You go outside and you can barely distinguish anything without them. They even fog up incessantly. Yes, we're talking about reading glasses or screens, but it probably happens to your sunglasses too, and we'll all agree that more than once you've stretched out your shirt to clean the lenses.

You may think that’s enough to be able to see again without that dirt that makes you think a dense layer of fog has appeared, but it’s not. Apart from cleaning your glasses, you have to take care of them, and not just in any old way. That’s why in Parafina we give you some tricks to clean and take care of your glasses, because since they show you the world in a crystalline way, at least you owe them that, don’t you?

1.We know it’s tempting to clean your lenses with the edge of your t-shirt, but… don’t! Keep in mind that throughout the day, your clothing picks up dust particles and if they come in contact with your lenses, they will scratch.

2.Use specific products for cleaning them such as spray or, failing that, water and neutral soap.  In addition to leaving them completely clean, you will see that they fog up less. You can use your fingers for this process.

3.For drying and surface cleaning of the lens, make use of chamois or microfiber cloths.

4.In times of pandemic like the one we are living, try not to clean them with the mist from your mouth, it can be a source of infection. We recommend disinfecting only the frame with 70% alcohol and the lenses as mentioned above.

5.Try not to use your glasses as a headband. We know it is the most comfortable, but you expose them to a future deformation of the frame, and even the option of scratching the lenses.

How you will know, the lens is the most delicate part of the glasses and that is why we have to pay special attention when cleaning them. Keep in mind that in summer it suffers a greater deterioration due to UVA rays, especially in the case of sunglasses, since in addition to being exposed for a longer time, they must be properly stored in their cases.