Letter From A Scholarship Holder - Parafina

Letter From A Scholarship Holder

Hello Samu,

I am Facu, I am 18 years old and I am one of the beneficiaries of the scholarship provided by Parafina, apart from thanking you I wanted to tell you how was this first academic year at UCSA university, which I attend studying the Computer Engineering degree. I started the university attending presentially for about 4 days, then the rest was developed virtually because the pandemic was declared in Paraguay, this brought many difficulties for the proper development of content, sometimes it was very difficult for me to understand the topics given by some teachers and this happened to me usually with programming content, partly also because I did not have a base in computer science. It bothered me a lot that the teachers did not explain and simply threw a pdf. with the theory which was not at all well clarified, which forced me to investigate on my own on YouTube and Google among other pages.

The first semester, which lasted from March to July, I studied from my house in Trinidad where I lived alone, because as you know, my parents are in Argentina with Luchito, although we got Gustavo Mongelos to come over to keep me company at home and help me with the housework. During this period I did not have many complications with my studies because I managed to understand almost all the subjects and I dedicated between 5 or 8 hours to each one.

When the final exams arrived I had an issue because the exams were paid separately and I had no money at that time. I made a request to my work asking to go to work despite the pandemic and be able to pay for my exams; to which they agreed. In the second semester it got a little complicated, some professors did not explain the more complex subjects. …. Another tragedy, unfortunately, was that one of our professors passed away due to covid.ย 

In the middle of the semester due to family issues I moved to my grandmother’s house where I am now, my daily routine is to go to work in the morning and come back at noon to work on my studies. I also help with the housework so that it is not a bother for my grandparents. And now that I am culminating, I realize that many things happened this year and we managed to overcome them, also and no less important is that thanks to you, that allow us to have this beautiful opportunity to fulfill our dreams and to study what we like in my case. Thank you very much uncle Samu!

Another positive thing is that we still continue with the Youth Ministry, we are taking many courses to beย  trained as leaders and to be able to come back with everything after this pandemic, and we even got a few new leaders, after losing others, although the doors are always open for them to return if they want to. In summary this year was phenomenal with all its ups and downs, and thank you very much for all the effort you do for us and for the trust you have in us, I miss you and I hope you can come back someday to cook you a delicious stew.