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Letter From The Director. Beginning Of The School Year

Dear godmothers and godfathers, I am coming to meet you on this occasion to tell you how excited we are to restart our 2021 school year.


I must tell you, however, that we are going through uncertain times. Unfortunately, I must tell you that Paraguay is going through the worst moment of the Pandemic crisis. Although Paraguay, at first, had managed well the possible impact of Covid-19, all the effort of the population to stay at home, the closures of factories and jobs, etc. is not currently reflected in a social harmony, but the opposite is happening, the virus began to spread in many sectors, hospitals have collapsed because they have not taken the important and necessary steps to create hospitals, enabling UTI, facilitating medication. Here we buy the medication and whatever is needed when a patient is treated in a public hospital. Many people have sold their house, their furniture, their car, kitchen and household appliances to buy medicines, neighbors organize raffles, food sales, etc. to give a hand to the relatives who invest everything to carry a corpse wrapped in a closed coffin, helplessness and anger generate daily scenes. Hospitals are overwhelmed.

It is believed that the government has squandered the resources allocated to deal with the problem. This fact has generated massive discontent and they are calling for the impeachment of the president and his vice president. The demonstrations in the streets, in another time of my life I would also be with the people asking for justice, today I can not because I live with other partners at risk and there will be more and more contagions. With the scenario thus painted, the school was prepared in every detail for a safe return.

We conditioned the classrooms in bubbles for face-to-face classes, we provided washing, signage, and last March 2, we started virtual classes that would go until the end of March, month destined to the review of lessons and reinforcements of what was learned last year. The teachers are present at the school and from there they teach the lessons, then they intensify their plans to receive the children. Curiously, I had to open a protocol because Covid cases appeared among the teachers and we had to close the school for 10 days and the teachers and administrative staff returned to telework. However, we would gradually start face-to-face classes in bubbles around Easter and those who chose to continue in virtual classes would do so.

Our School Support team is visiting the homes of their godchildren, to know in situ the situation that each and every one is going through, so they can better help in their learning needs or other needs that relate to what happens inside, a commendable work, we value the courage of these visits because we are in a situation of tremendous fragility as regards the health of the population we serve. With these words I want to thank you all infinitely for these children and young people. 50 years ago, the school began its presence in this place and we know that we sow in insecure waiting, but we know that the Sower will also sow good seeds in the hearts of so many souls, which will germinate in: kindness, justice, truth and love made compassion in the way of Jesus.

Yes for these children, it is worth putting a star of faith on the horizon of their lives, and you are forgers of these fields called: Luis, Pilar, Jessica or Juan, these lands that are excited just waiting to invade the courtyard of your school and return to run in their fields, shout the goals and hurriedly come to tell you that he has made a goal, or that such a girl does not let her jump the ropes. We, the teachers and this heart that is getting older, miss the hugs, the questions or that they tell us their stories and dreams; for now they only see our eyes through some chinstraps and we do not get the idea of why they came to lock us all up. You are the ones who sustain our hope, thank you for being there and because your love continues to be effective. Thanks to Samuel, our angel who watches over the things we live, thanks Parafina.

A hug to all of you and I wish you good health and a heart overflowing with joy in the Risen Jesus.