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Parafina’s Mission And Vision

What does Parafina consist of? Because we are different? What are we trying to achieve? What is our personality? Let's discover it through the mission and vision of the brand.

Parafina is a brand of high quality and design ecological glasses at an affordable price, but behind this, there is much more!

First of all, there is our MISSION and at this point we must ask ourselves what do we do? What is our business? Because we are different? The answer is that we are a brand of GLASSES TO SEE A BETTER WORLD.

It is no secret that human consumption habits are creating a problem of excess waste on the planet, damaging it in a way that is becoming irreversible. At Parafina we manufacture high quality and design glasses, accessible to everyone, made with 100% recycled or sustainable materials.

We believe that it is time for a change in habits and priorities where we put the planet first, promoting recycling and reducing pollution. In addition, we are convinced in the power of education, the most powerful weapon to build a hopeful future, and we donate 5% of each sale to our social project to provide educational scholarships to children in Paraguay. In this way, we not only contribute to generating a positive impact on our planet and society, but we are also demonstrating that change is possible. When you start to see the world through our glasses, you will discover that if you really want to see a better world, you just have to change the way you see it.

Regarding VISION, at Parafina we want to contribute to generating a positive impact on our planet and on society. To be an active actor worldwide that inspires and helps to achieve a change in our habits and priorities, promoting recycling and reducing pollution and also collaborating with the educational improvement of children in Paraguay. We will not rest until the waste on the planet is depleted. And meanwhile, we will continue working on innovation to give a second life to more and more waste and manufacture our ecological glasses.

And you do you think? Are you joining us to make them come true?