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CALIMA Eco-friendly Sunglasses

Eco-friendly Outlet

Sunglasses made from non-toxic and pesticide-free cork fibers, combined with recycled HDPE plastic. Polarized lenses.

With the purchase of these sunglasses you donate 5% to our Parafina Social Project


COLOR Inka Cork (Mirrored Lense)

  • Inka Cork (Mirrored Lense)


The recovery of the vegetable tissue from the containers and stoppers allows us to create the CALIMA sunglasses. This material is combined with 100% recycled HDPE plastic to make the frame. The result is an ultralight frame. The lenses are polarized, and with UV400 protection (cat. 3), which provides maximum protection to the retina by absorbing UV rays – A, B and C. The polarized allows to reduce glare, optical stress and improve contrasts.

Lens width: 51 | Bridge: 21 | Rod: 145
Made from 100% Recycled Cork
  • Polarized
  • Ultra Lightness

Our packaging is social.

Our case is much more than a simple box to store your glasses, it is actually the union between our clients and our students.
Each girl or boy with a scholarship receives a case for their pencils, which is the same case that our clients receive when they buy PARAFINA glasses.

A recycled plastic pencil case

Identical to the one that our children from Paraguay receive to carry out their school supplies. Inside this case, made with 100% recycled HDPE plastic, you will receive a micro fiber case to protect your glasses.

An eco-pencil

With your purchase, just like the scholarship children, you also receive our ecological pencil. Once consumed, you can plant it and a tree will grow. In this way, you help us to reduce the carbon footprint created directly by our products.

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