Eco-friendly sunglasses. Hybrid Metal. Huracán II

HURACÁN II Sunglasses

Recycled Metal

HURACÁN II has been created by combining organic bio acetate with 100% recycled aluminum derived from cans collected from uncontrolled landfills.



  • Blue
  • Tortoise
  • Black
  • Red

Huracán II

HURACÁN II combines an organic material in the frame, bio acetate or organic cellulose acetate (free of chemical-based plasticizers) with recycled aluminum, which we obtain from soda cans, on the temples. The result is a waterproof and hypoallergenic frame. The lenses, made of polycarbonate, are polarized and with UV 400 protection (cat. 3). Polarizing reduces glare, optical stress and improves contrasts.

Lens width: 50 | Bridge: 21 | Rod: 145
Made from 100% Organic Bio Acetate and Recycled Cans
  • Polarized
  • Ultra Lightness

Nuestro packaging es social

Our packaging is much more than a box to store your PARAFINA. It is a symbol of Parafina Social Project. Every year we donate a 5% of our profits to this project,  in which we build schools for underprivileged children in the small city of Asunción, Paraguay.

Every time you buy some PARAFINA you will receive them in a pencil case like the one our students receive at the beginning of the course. 

Un estuche de plástico reciclado

Idéntico al que reciben nuestros niños de Paraguay para llevar su material escolar. Dentro de este estuche, hecho con plástico HDPE 100% reciclado, recibirás una funda de micro fibra para proteger tus gafas.

Un eco-lápiz

Con tu compra, al igual que los niños becados, recibes también nuestro lápiz ecológico. Una vez consumido, lo puedes plantar y crecerá un árbol. De esta manera, nos ayuda a reducir la huella de carbono creada directamente por nuestros productos.

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