Reduce Carbon Footprint By Planting Our Eco Pencil - Parafina Eyewear

Reduce Carbon Footprint By Planting Our Eco Pencil

With the purchase of any Parafina glasses,
you will receive a pencil that can be planted and which
will reduce the carbon footprint created directly
by our products.

When you buy a pair of Parafina glasses,
whether they are sunglasses, reading glasses
or screen glasses, you receive an HDPE plastic
case identical to the one our children in Paraguay
use to carry their school supplies. This is our way of
connecting our Social Project with our customers.
In addition, inside the case, you will also find a
eco-friendly pencil, but how to use it?

At Parafina, we work every day to create the greatest positive impact on the environment and we are aware that the creation of our glasses, from the time we collect the material until they become the final product, as well as the path they travel from our factory to the hands of our customers, passing through the warehouse, produce carbon dioxide emissions.

For this reason, we include with each pair of glasses an ecological pencil that can be planted. It is eco-friendly because it is made of wood, a sustainable and environmentally friendly material, and it can be planted because it includes seeds in the top.

As you use it, the pencil will become shorter and shorter and at some point it will no longer be usable. When it reaches the end of its useful life and you can no longer write or draw, plant the seeds.

The cultivation process is very simple, you just have to remove the black part of the leftover pencil, put the seeds in a pot with compost. You will have to water and put the pot in the sun so that the sprouts start to come out.

The seeds that we include in our pencils are of aromatic plants such as basil, rosemary, mint… so that you can also use them in your best recipes, for example.

As a conscious company committed to improving our planet and the future of generations to come, we are obliged to carry out all possible actions so that the wear we can create in the environment is counterbalanced by other positive facts.

If you want to help care for the environment, when you finish your pencil, plant it to reduce CO2 emissions caused by the production and transportation of our glasses. Small gestures can go a long way.