Through Our Lenses: The Frog Eye - Parafina

Through Our Lenses: The Frog Eye

"Through Our Lenses" is a series of testimonials from people who see life as we see it through Parafina lenses.

We are very happy to introduce Alex Postigo, an aquatic photographer with a very special connection to the ocean. Alex has travelled all over the world photographing the most breathtaking landscapes, but also, as he tells us in the following video, the most desolate ones.

Alex has spent the last few years photographing the thing that attracts him most: the ocean. As a photographer, he is fascinated by its shapes and colours and knows better than anyone the importance of protecting them. Alex’s photographs help us to appreciate, through his lens, the beauty that can be found in the ocean, and give us another reason why we should care for and protect it.