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Trend 2023: Eco-friendly Brands

Sustainable brands are all those organisations that incorporate concern for the environment into our business vision. Based on this philosophy, we design sustainable business strategies, policies and actions to minimise the environmental impact of our business and generate a positive impact on the environment.

Companies, as stakeholders in society and the environment in which they operate, have a responsibility to take responsibility for the impact of their business on society and the environment. And increasingly, we are all moving towards the same goal: sustainability.

The fashion industry is making great strides to become more sustainable and there are already brands that are 100% sustainable, many of them even native eco-friendly. Others are in the midst of a transformation and although it may be difficult to combine selling eco-fashion with everyday fashion, it is the trend today.

Consumers, but above all the planet, demand sustainable companies that promote values of solidarity and have a social commitment that is reflected in the way they act.

The key to sustainable brands lies in making sustainable decisions for the customer, understanding their needs and adapting them to sustainability. When asked the question “should I buy green”, consumers will choose brands that answer this question with a yes. Consumers want ethical products, are increasingly aware of their carbon footprint and have a desire to make small changes to their habits that will have a positive impact.