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For decades we have enjoyed nature without caring for it, polluting our environment and compromising our future. At PARAFINA we believe that traveling changes our way to see the world. And it was precisely during one of our trips in 2012, while reflecting in front of the ocean on how to develop a project that would have an positive impact on the planet and on people, when we observed how surfers had a special connection with their environment.

Surfers were aware that in order to enjoy what they loved the most, they had to protect it, they had to take care of it, they had to preserve it. From that inspiring look, our project took shape and name. To change the world, we understood that we needed to change the way we look at it. Thus, where others saw for a long time a problem, the waste, we found the solution to give to such an everyday object as eyewear the power to drive change. In 2014 we founded PARAFINA in honor of the best ally of the "guardians of the ocean", an innovative brand of eco-friendly eyewear, with design, quality and accessible to all, which also promote education from an early age as a fundamental axis for the awareness and dissemination among the new generations.




At PARAFINA we have a purpose: we want you to see a better world. If we want to change the world, we need to first change the way we see it. For this reason, where others see waste as a problem, at PARAFINA we see the solution through our eco-friendly glasses. When you choose PARAFINA, you will have the power to create a positive impact for the planet and people.
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ALOHA! It is time to change the way you see the world.

Since PARAFINA was born in 2014, we are HERE TO SEE A BETTER WORLD. We chose to give an everyday object like eyewear the power to create a positive impact on the planet and on people.
In PARAFINA you will find eco-friendly, fashionable, accessible and quality glasses, made with recycled and organic materials.

-CARING FOR THE PLANET, SOCIAL COMMITMENT and SUSTAINABLE GROWTH are the pillars of our philosophy and we sincerely believe that through innovation and education, change is possible.
-UPCYCLING IS IN OUR DNA. From waste to solution, our glasses give a second life to recycled materials such as PET plastic, rubber tires or soda cans, combining design and surprising features.
-EDUCATION IS THE KEY TO A BETTER FUTURE! We donate 5% of our sales to scholarships for children in Paraguay.

We measure our triple impact through independent certification partners to continue improving our processes and products and give you transparency. PARAFINA is powered by BCORP, INTERTEK, BCOME and PARAFINA SOCIAL PROJECT.

By choosing PARAFINA, you have the power to change the world.
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