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Parafina, Surf
and a Whole World to Discover

At Parafina we believe that life is a journey, and that the best way to meet
ourselves is knowing and caring for the world around us.

Our Business Model: Triple Impact

Parafina not only pursues financial profitability. It also seeks to generate an impact with the incorporation
of 3 pillars: social commitment, caring for the planet and economic impact.

Care of your Parafina

We teach you the importance of keeping your Parafina lenses in good condition
and what products to use without spending a lot of money.

Solidarity and Ecology. The Beginning of our Social Project

From the beginning we wanted our glasses to be ecological and that with each sale we collaborate with a social project. The school scholarship project in Paraguay was chosen.

Ceci's Bakery

Cecilia Milagros, one of our scholarship holders through Parafina Social Project, is a great example of work and improvement.

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