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LECOLOR: Sunglasses With Colored Lenses

We present you the limited edition collection of PARAFINA
made up of the colored glasses that are going to be a trend this summer.


NEW COLLECTION 2023: A Trip To Wonder

News, inspiration... let us show you everything that surrounds our
new collection of eco-friendly sunglasses.


Trend 2023: Eco-friendly Brands

Sustainable brands are all those organisations that incorporate
concern for the environment into our business vision.


Sunglasses: An ‘It’ Accessory

Sunglasses work as a shield, as a charm or as a fashion accessory.
They make sure to give any look a touch of rebellion and style.


10 Tips For A More Sustainable Christmas

At PARAFINA, we love to celebrate Christmas so he you have 10 easy-to-apply
tips for an eco-friendly Christmas.


From Black Friday To Green Friday: A Paradigm Shift

One of the big problems with Black Friday is that it encourages excessive consumerism.
However, there is an alternative.