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The Importance Of Beach Cleanliness

We would like to take this opportunity to give you some tips on how to be eco-sustainable and take care of that place where almost all of us like to go to disconnect: the beach.


Plastic In The World Of Fashion

When we talk about plastic threatening our environment few people stop to think that they are wearing plastic clothing.


What's So Special About Our Sunglasses?

You'll never look at a plastic bottle or a tyre with the same eyes again. Be a trendsetter by choosing fashion with purpose.


Parafina Is B CORP

At Parafina, we put the environmental and social benefits on a par with those of the company itself.


Parafina & B COME

Now you can check the impact of our sunglasses on the planet thanks to B COME.


Is it Possible to Scale Circularity in the Fashion Industry?

At PARAFINA we firmly believe in circularity in order to be able to talk about future fashion.