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10 Tips For A More Sustainable Christmas

At PARAFINA, we love to celebrate Christmas so he you have 10 easy-to-apply
tips for an eco-friendly Christmas.


From Black Friday To Green Friday: A Paradigm Shift

One of the big problems with Black Friday is that it encourages excessive consumerism.
However, there is an alternative.


We Were Born From a Dream: Changing The World

PARAFINA wants to change the world and to do so we first have to change the way we see it. Because where others see a problem, waste, PARAFINA finds a solution through innovation and education.


Positive Impact: Social Commitment

At Parafina, we are triple impact and we have been so since our birth in 2014. We want to generate a positive impact and one of the key pillars on which this impact is materialised is our social commitment.


The Importance Of Beach Cleanliness

We would like to take this opportunity to give you some tips on how to be eco-sustainable and take care of that place where almost all of us like to go to disconnect: the beach.


Plastic In The World Of Fashion

When we talk about plastic threatening our environment few people stop to think that they are wearing plastic clothing.