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Yes, it is possible. We are pioneers in the transformation and alteration of waste that later becomes the raw material for our glasses.

Today we recycle, transform and manipulate the following materials:

· Terephthalate (r-PET): All our terephthalate comes from consumer plastic bottles.

· High Density Polyethylene: mostly known by its acronym HDPE. All high density polyethylene is sourced from consumer bottles especially shampoos and detergents.

· Aluminium: available in our Recycled Metal collection. All the aluminium used is sourced from soft drink and food cans from the food industry.

· Coffee: available exclusively in our Coffee collection. This material comes exclusively from recycled coffee grounds.

· Rubber: sourced from the world’s largest tyre landfill in Kuwait, the rubber used in our Rubber collection comes from car, truck and aircraft tyres.

· Bio-Acetate

Worldwide, 300 million tonnes of waste is discarded every year, 85% of this waste is not recycled and ends up in the sea, buried or burnt, polluting our planet.

At Parafina we aim to try to alleviate this by collecting waste before it is burnt, buried or dumped at sea to create glasses. We believe that the basis of any business lies in sustainability and responsible production.

Our production is located in China because of its proximity to raw materials and because it is the country where most waste is generated, but this does not detract from the quality of the final product. The city where our factory is located is Wenzhou, a specialist in the production and design of glasses. It must be taken into account that two identical glasses may come from waste from different parts of the world. Our manufacturing process is long and tedious as the waste comes from more than twenty landfill sites around the world. Once the waste has been identified, it is taken to waste processing plants that condition it so that it can then be turned into glasses in our factory.

The manufacturing process of the recycled Parafina eyewear takes place in two sub-processes, a first one to transform the waste into raw material and a second one to process the raw material into optical frames. The material is melted and injected to shape the frame, then cleaned and polished before lenses and frames are mounted on them.

At present, the lenses cannot be recycled and it is the only part of the glasses that is not manufactured by Parafina but by an external company, whose material is polycarbonate so that they can have the required technical characteristics. However, we are working to ensure that the lenses are also made from recycled materials.

All lenses are polarized category 3 (except LECOLOR), uv400 and are made of the highest level of polycarbonate with maximum UV absorbers. Our lenses are also extremely impact resistant and therefore more suited to certain sports and outdoor activities. Our lenses are tested by Intertek to meet European standards. Our factories comply with European standards and have BSCI labour certificates.

The protection is the same, the only difference is that the filters of a polarised lens provide the wearer with greater visual comfort by avoiding reflections caused by the sun on different surfaces such as the road or snow.

Yes, all our glasses are internationally certified in various fields, ISO, Product ECO, B CORP, Intertek and BCOME for the impact analysis of our products.

Not at all. The only difference is that unlike our competitors we do not create more plastic, CO2 or waste to create our glasses.

All our products are guaranteed for 2 years. If the product was purchased on the Parafina website or at Parafina House (Calle Canillas, 2, Local, 28002, Madrid, Spain) it is essential to send an email to aloha@parafina.eco with images of the damaged product and the purchase receipt to assess that the damage is covered by the warranty. Once each case has been studied, the steps to follow will be sent.

If the product was purchased in a distributor shop of the brand, you should contact that shop for the management of the warranty, Parafina not being responsible for it.

If the product is defective, we will replace it with a new one free of charge. If the product is no longer available, we will exchange it for a similar product. Exclusions from the product warranty:
– Deliberate or careless damage.
– Improper or careless use.
– Damage resulting from normal wear and tear.
– Damage due to non-compliance with the care and cleaning policy.
– Substantial modifications to the product (change of lenses, temples, frame tinting, etc.).

Total limit of claims per guarantee: 2

Yes, there is a 30 working day return period from the time the order is received. Shipping costs to our warehouse are at the expense of the buyer, with the shipping method of their choice. The package must arrive complete and in good condition, including a note giving the order number and customer details. The delivery address of our warehouse is: Calle de Canillas, 2, Local, 28002, Madrid, Spain. Once the package has been received, we will proceed to refund the amount of the products and the cost of the initial shipment.

Yes, to exchange a product, there is a period of 30 working days from the time the order is received. The shipping costs to our warehouse are paid by the buyer, with the shipping method you choose. The package must arrive complete and in good condition, including a note giving the order number, the customer’s details and informing of the change to be made. In the event that the product to be exchanged is of a lower value than the new product chosen, the difference must be paid. The delivery address of our warehouse is: Calle de Canillas, 2, Local, 28002, Madrid, Spain. Once we receive the package, we will proceed to send the new product to the address provided in the note that must be included in the package.

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