Parafina eco-friendly kids blue light glasses. Delfín

DELFÍN Eco-friendly Blue Light Glasses

Recycled Rubber

From 3 to 5 years. Blue light glasses for kids made with 100% recycled rubber tires. They filter 30% of blue light.

With the purchase of these glasses you donate 5% to our Parafina Social Project




COLOR Dark Blue

  • Dark Blue
  • Pink

Delfín Blue Light

A collection inspired by the strength of the little ones, reflected in the powerful colors of DELFÍN, water resistant, ultra light and extremely flexible. It protects the eyes of the little ones from the blue light emitted by electronic devices. The lenses, made of polycarbonate, are antireflective.

Lens width: 40 | Bridge: 10 | Rod: 110
  • Antireflective
  • Extremely Flexible
  • Screen Protection

Our packaging is social.

Our packaging is much more than a box to store your PARAFINA. It is a symbol of Parafina Social Project. Every year we donate a 5% of our profits to this project,  in which we build schools for underprivileged children in the small city of Asunción, Paraguay.

Every time you buy some PARAFINA you will receive them in a pencil case like the one our students receive at the beginning of the course. 

A Recycled Plastic Pencil Case

The packaging of the Children’s Collection continues to symbolise our Parafina Social Project. A special packaging for children to store their paintings.

An eco-crayon

Inside this case is included a painting set so that children can have fun painting, creating and letting their imagination run wild, developing their creative side.

An eco-friendly cord

A recycled rubber cord is also included so that the little ones do not lose their ecological sunglasses.

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