Eco-friendly blue light glasses. Parafina. Sena

Sena Blue Light

Recycled HDPE (Plastic)

Unisex Eco-friendly Blue Light Glasses.

Made with 100% recycled HDPE (plastic).

With the purchase of these glasses you donate 5% to our Parafina Social Project


COLOR Morocco Tortoise

  • Dark Green
  • Morocco Tortoise
  • Transparent Morocco
  • Honey Tortoise
  • Tortoise
  • Transparent


Compared to the industry standard, these glasses have avoided the CO2 equivalent of 1.9 months of carbon absorption of a tree
Compared to the industry standard, these glasses have saved the equivalent of 3.7 days of a person's total water intake
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Product Details

-Contemporary design for everyday use.

-Made from recycled HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) plastic from detergent, shampoo and similar containers.

-Lenses with blue light filter that blocks up to 30% of blue light, protecting our sight from the radiation emitted by the screens of our electronic devices (television, computers, tablets or video games) that can cause sleep disorders, headaches, visual fatigue and eye problems.

-Lenses made of 1 mm thick polycarbonate.

-Anti-reflective. Reduces screen reflections and visual fatigue.

-Frame suitable for optical prescription.

-Flex hinge for greater comfort.

-Includes: recycled microfibre case and pencil containing seeds for planting.

-Very comfortable and ultra-light.

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