Materials - Parafina Eyewear

New in 2023: Sunglasses Made
Of Coffee

Once again this year, the brand continues its commitment to innovation and introduces recycled coffee as a new material for its eco-friendly sunglasses.

Organic Bio Acetate: Our Newest Material

How could it be otherwise, the new material that we have incorporated into our sunglasses collection is
ecological and sustainable.

Discovering Cork. Benefits And Contradictions

What is cork made of? How is this material obtained? Does it really pose an environmental threat? Let's find out how to give it a second life thanks to recycling.


Bamboo: The Underrated

Today, in our materials section, we would like to send you a reflection from our director of operations, a young engineer specialized in sustainable supply chain, on an interesting and still unknown material: bamboo.

PET: How To Use It To Take Care Of The Environment And Go To Fashion?

Discover what recycled PET is and how at Parafina we use it to create a range of sunglasses that is respectful with the environment and according to
the fashion of each season.

Tires, One Of The Biggest Contributors To
Global Pollution

Find out what tires are made of, how they pose a threat to the environment and a product created by recycling this material in favor
of the environment.

HDPE: How Can It Be Recycled To
Reduce Pollution?

What does HDPE contribute to the environmental crisis that is currently affecting the entire planet? We will know how to avoid it by giving a second life to this material through products created from its recycling.