Reusable Packagings. A Simple Packaging Or A School Case? - Parafina Eyewear

Reusable Packagings. A Simple Packaging Or A School Case?

Our packaging is not just a simple case for our glasses, it is much more. It is the connection between the client and our Social Project.

At Parafina the importance of recycling is essential. It is our way of working and in all our processes we apply it in one way or another. One of the most relevant actions in which we materialize this premise is reusing the packaging of our sunglasses, reading glasses and screens.

When a child from the neighborhood of Fátima (Asunción, Paraguay) is enrolled in school through the Parafina Social Project scholarships, he or she receives a recycled HDPE plastic case to store the material needed for the classes in a case identical to the one we use at Parafina as a glasses case. The origins of the case, and still in use today, have a double standard.

Firstly, when creating Parafina, its founders wanted the social project to have an impact and a connection with the people who buy a Parafina product, and what could be better than a school case to symbolize the scholarships we give to the school in Paraguay.

Secondly, that this connection would be an eco-friendly object and that at the end of its useful life it could be reused, being the final customer who could find a new use for it, thus reminding him of his contribution to the social project. This reuse goes further and in our central warehouse, the packaging left over from other years or that have not been sent to Paraguay, are reused by putting glasses of new productions and collections or those that we have exposed and that we sell directly in our showroom.

That’s why, it can sometimes happen when you buy one of our glasses, that the serigraphy of the case is a little faded. Over the years, trends change and we are currently immersing ourselves in the era of reusability, where ecological creativity has no limits.

At Parafina, we work every day to implement actions like this, which reinforce our value proposition and most importantly, create a positive impact on the environment.