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Sunglasses: An ‘It’ Accessory

Yes, sunglasses work as a shield, as a charm or as a fashion accessory. They make sure to give any look a touch of rebellion and style, and are a refreshing twist that shows that the wearer wants to break away from convention.

But apart from being a fashion accessory, sunglasses are much more than that and you only have to look at all the uses they can have to realise it.

Sunglasses have also been taking an important role in fashion, as well as protecting us from the sun’s rays, they are perfect to give a different touch to your outfits if we combine clothes of the same colour with the colour of the frame. They are the perfect accessory, as we can find them in different shapes, colours, materials, etc. No matter which one we choose, the idea is to give them that point we are looking for so that even the most serious outfits become lively.

If you are one of those people who like to be fashionable and follow trends, exaggerated colours such as red, purple or caramel are ideal to attract attention. Moreover, we can not only stand out with our style, we can even choose sunglasses that enhance our facial features, as well as original and eye-catching shapes.

Moreover, we can innovate and choose sunglasses made of unconventional materials, such as the ones we work with at Parafina, which have the added value of sustainability: organic bamboo, recycled metal, PET or HDPE plastic…

Fashion and sustainability are not at odds and we can find those fantasy colours and daring shapes in frames made with recycled and environmentally friendly materials.